What is the difference between Freight and Cargo?

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Note: CargoFreightThe term cargo generally refers togoods transported by ship or sea.The term freight is usually used in the c
The term cargo generally refers to goods transported by ship or sea.The term freight is usually used in the context of goods transport by train or truck.
We have cargo planes and cargo ships. Mailmay also be called cargo.The terms freight truck and freight trains are commonly used. However, this is not always the case, as the term “air freight” is acceptable usage too.
Used specifically for the goods only, “cargo” is not used to include the payment or the money being charged for the transport of goods.“Freight” is also the term used for the payment when certain goods are transported.
Any product that is being transported can be called a cargo.Freight can also mean a cargo being transported via truck, train, plane, or ship.
Large cargo containers are usually used in transporting the goods called cargo. Cargo can be transported on pallets, in cargo handling nets, or by other means.Freight can denote many things. It may mean the product, merchandise, the amount payable, or the money charged.
The mailing services offered of parcels may also be known as cargo.Any item for consumption that is being transported can be referred to as cargo.Mail cannot be considered freight, as it is only used to describe commercial goods.

Cargo being transported may be referred to as freight if referring to both the goods and the money charged for their transport.

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