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Note: R.C.:Rail and Canalr.c.c.:Riots and civil commotionsr.c.c.s.:Riots, civil commotions and strikesR/C:ReconsignedReach Sta

R. & C.: Rail and Canal

r. & c.c.: Riots and civil commotions

r.c.c. & s.: Riots, civil commotions and strikes

R/C: Reconsigned

Reach Stacker: A special container handling truck that can stack containers and reach behind two rows of containers.

Rebate: A deduction taken from a set payment or charge. As a rebate is given after payment of the full amount has been made, it differs from a discount which is deducted in advance of the payment. In foreign trade, a full or partial rebate may be given on import duties paid on goods which are later re-exported.

Reciprocity: A practice by which governments extend similar concessions to one another.

Red Clause Letter of Credit: A letter of credit that allows the exporter to receive a percentage of the face value of the letter of credit in advance of shipment. This enables the exporter to purchase inventory and pay other costs associated with producing and preparing the export order.

REDS: Registered Excise Shippers and Dealers

Reefer: Refrigerated container that is fitted with a refrigerated unit for the carriage of cargoes that have to be frozen or chilled.

REFG.: Refrigerating; Refrigeration

Regs.: Registered Tonnage

Retaliation: Action taken by a country to restrain its imports from another country that has increased a tariff or imposed other measures that adversely affects the firsts country's exports.

RN: Removal Note

Rolltrailer: A generic term for a wheeled trailer used for carrying cargo, also known as a mafi. It may remain on board throughout ocean passage or be used as a ‘slave’ trailer to transport cargo to and from the vessel once on quay.It has an underlayer with a steel chassis and equipped with solid rubber tyres. It is attached to a tugmaster with a gooseneck.

RORO (ROLL ON-ROLL OFF): Direct drive on/drive off wheeled vehicles on specially-designed ocean-going vessels.

Route: an established air passage, from point of departure to terminating station.

Royalty: a charge on charter flights levied by some governments before traffic rights are granted. Sometimes called a "no objection fee." Usually a fixed proportion of a total charter value.

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