How Does Freight Shipping Work?

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Note: How Does Freight Shipping Work?

International trade is coordinated through numerous shipping lanes worldwide. According to the IMO, about 90% of  goods moved globally travel by ocean – however air cargo and ground/rail transport are also important modes.

Shipping lanes are the foundation of the freight industry. Some are more congested or popular depending on the trade routes they are associated with.

Whether you're shipping internationally or you have any questions about international freight, you’ve come to the right place. Select your origin below and then select your destination country for everything you need to know about keeping down costs and transit times.

Billions of items are shipped throughout the globe each year by large ships. Our world’s economy is dependent on these ships making it from port to port on time, with specifically engineered shipping lanes designed for these massive ships to make their way.  Below you can see a map of the world shipping routes between continents. These routes connect our globe immensely, and without them we would be left with no trade.

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