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Shenzhen HanRun International Logistics Co., LTD

Global Ocean Shipping FCL,LCL、 Korea Air to Europe and America(LAX,ORD,FRA...

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Strategically headquartered in Shenzhen, we proudly serve as one of the leading international Logistics Service Providers of the region. We value our solid global network as an indispensible asset, based on which we also continue to nourish the emerging Asian market. Our company continues to expand globally with branches encompassing China, Hong Kong China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Philippines and Mexico to provide total solutions.Today, our worldwide agent network spans across many countries and  locations in East and West, efficiently leading to the global market. With our advantageous long-term relationships with major international shipping companies and airlines, we distinguish ourselves for providing a reliable range of services at competitive rates.We fully understand that the business world today is a vying and fast-pacing one, but our dedicated team of professionals is here to ensure a vast array of services available in one convenient packa... [More]