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Worldwide Freight Solutions


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  • Contact Person: EL MEHDI ABDELMOUTAL
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General / Road Transportation General / Air Freight General / FCL
WORLDWIDE FREIGHT SOLUTIONS, a Moroccan company founded by Mr. Abdelmoutaleb El Mehdi, expert consultant and transport specialist, stands out for its commitment to responsibility and sharing of experience. The objective is clear: to leverage years of expertise to promote business development.Contrary to the preconceived notion of ruthlessness to succeed, WFS promotes mutually beneficial growth between businesses and providers. This innovative approach aims to create a balance where everyone thrives. The concept of "Brain-Peace" emphasizes the importance of peace of mind in the field of transportation.With the motto “Make it easy”, WFS simplifies transportation, giving customers full control of their supply chain. In summary, the company brings a positive and inspiring perspective to the transportation and logistics industry. [More]