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SKG Cargo Services

Air freight,sea freight, road transportation, combined tr...

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  • Contact Person: Eirini Skountzou
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Advantage Services:
General / Air Freight General / Ocean Freight General / Road Transportation
Others / Customs Clearance
SKG Cargo Services is a company in the fields of agencies- transport – logistics, combining its dynamic start with the presence of experienced, knowledgeable and capable executives, able to manage successfully the full range of freight shipping in the modern environment of international economic interconnection and interdependence. Company service:Customs brokerage servicesAir freight/ sea freight/ road transportation/ combined transportSpecial Transportation: Chemicals & Dangerous Goods, Medicals, Perishables, Diplomatic & Military Cargo, Pets TransportationSpecial Services: International Trade Fairs & Events, Art & Museum Exhibits, Household Goods Removals & Business Relocation Services, General Fiscal Representation, Warehousing & Logistics, Disinfection / Fumigation"SKG" Cargo Services is located in Thessaloniki. It has its headquarters in the coastal avenue of the city, while at the same time maintaining customs offices within the Airport of M... [More]