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Onestep Global Supply Chain Co., Ltd.


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Advantage Services:
General / Air Freight
Main business——International Freight Forwarders:onestep Global Supply Chain Co., Ltd. specializes in international freight forwarding and import and export procurement business. The company is mainly engaged in the international transportation agency business, such as purchasing, packaging, booking space, storage and transportation, transshipment, customs declaration, inspection, container assembly and disassembly, etc., as well as providing transportation information for customers and organizing the transportation service of cargo collection and distribution port. The company has a strong agency system and branches and offices around the country, and has branches and offices in other places. Especially for the local import and export operation is very skilled, very strong ability to solve business problems, can provide DDU, DDP services in Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, export to Europe, Baltic Sea, black sea, Russia and other regions, provide gate service, demurrage service, ex... [More]