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Flying Shipping Supply Chain (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Ocean freight,Air freight,Road freight,Rail freight,Ocean Freight

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General / Ocean Freight General / Air Freight General / Rail Transportation
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It is an enterprise mainly engaged in multimodal transportation and transportation agency business established by domestic senior shipping personnel to transform modern intelligent logistics. The original intention of its establishment is that Zhuangzi described Liezi walking in the wind in his classic "Xiaoyaoyou", and his weather is far better than Kunpeng. And don't know where it ends. Its implication is that for us international logistics people, what we entrust must cross mountains and mountains, and what we transport must cross oceans and seas. Therefore, we should use broad and fearless minds and courage to sail through thousands of sails, sailing against the wind and heading for a broad future! Specializing in international transportation business, it provides sea, land and air import and export cargo transportation services to customers at home and abroad, including booking, stowage, customs declaration, warehousing, delivery, insurance and other logistics ser... [More]