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H&CO International Logistics Corporation

Global Freight Forwarding, Supply Chain Logistics, Express Delivery Logistics

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  • Contact Person: Keerayuth Boonayasur
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General / Ocean Freight General / Air Freight General / Road Transportation
General / FCL General / LCL General / Perishable Shipments
General / Live Animal shipments General / Reefer Container General / Special Container
General / Others
H&CO. International Logistics Corporation, established in May 2021, was founded by a team of highly trained and well-experienced professionals who came from different forwarding companies and different backgrounds. Our greatest strength is our knowledge and experience which helps us to look for unique solutions and to think "OUT OF THE BOX". Our commitment is to work hard to ensure the highest standard of service in the logistics industry. We take pride in serving with excellence, striving to exceed our client's expectations. The result is unparalleled freight management experience which enables us to solve any emergency or operational crisis while ensuring top quality service. This underscores our firm commitment to service quality and excellence in logistics service delivery.We believe that each customer has unique needs and requirements. With that in mind, H&CO., endeavors to meet these requirements by customizing services for each customer with a missi... [More]