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Hitpund(Chengdu)Supply Chain Technology Co.,Ltd

Air, Railway, Ocean Import &Export

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General / Rail Transportation General / Air Freight General / Ocean Freight
Hitpound (Chengdu) Supply Chain Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Hitpound Chengdu Company"), an enterprise specializing in international logistics transportation, warehousing and customs declaration, was established in October 2021, belongs to Hitpound International Logistics Holding (Group) Co., Ltd., is registered in the Eastern New Area of Chengdu, and is close to the Management Committee of the Eastern New Area of Chengdu and Tianfu International Airport. Its business covers international air and sea transportation, Sea rail intermodal transport, international railway transport, domestic road and railway transport, bonded warehousing and distribution, container transfer and unpacking in the bonded logistics park, general warehousing and distribution, customs clearance services, import and export of goods and technologies, transit trade, circulating simple processing and value-added services, overseas warehouses, cross-border e-commerce, etc. It is committed to b... [More]