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JHJ International Transportation Co.,Ltd. Dalian Branch

Ocean Freight, Air Freight, Rail Transportation

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General / Ocean Freight General / Air Freight General / Rail Transportation
JHJ International Freight Co., Ltd. was founded in December 1992 and is a first-class international freight forwarding enterprise approved by the Ministry of Commerce, the General Administration of Customs of the Ministry of Transport, and the Civil Aviation Administration of the People's Republic of China.JHJ operates air, sea, and domestic shipping agency services for international and domestic import and export goods, providing comprehensive services such as receiving goods, booking customs, applying for inspection, palletizing, warehousing, distribution, multimodal transportation, and comprehensive large-scale logistics.At present, JHJ operates in five major regions in China , covering 95% of the Chinese market, with 20 branches, 11 subsidiaries, and 77 operational branches. The overseas market mainly relies on the overseas agency network and the agency network jointly established with more than 40 overseas agents, covering more than 30 countries and 130 major cities. [More]