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Customs Clearance, Sea freight, Air Freight, Trading

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Advantage Services:
Others / Customs Clearance
INNOV INVEST areas of expertise include transit, transport, logging, handling, warehousing, sea and air freight, Customs clearance, logistics, and travel agency.INNOV INVEST specializes in:HUB LOGISTICSHub Logistics - Transport - Storage* Consutancy & management of projects and logistics* Supply of raw materials, semi-finished products and goods* Handling & transport by ruck, ship, plane, train, etc...FREIGHT & SERVICESAIR & SEA FREIGHT* Air & Sea freight* Strategic and tactical support, operational follow-up* Personal & professional development, etc... TRANSIT & DOUANE - TRANSIT & CUSTOMSTransit - Customs* Parcel pick up at suppliers & shipping* Follow up & obtaining customs documents* Make statements, get the good ones to remove & delivery of goods, etc...INDUSTRIES & TIC / INDUSTRY & TICIndustrial parts - TIC equipment* Part supplies for industry* Supplies of TIC equipment & materials* Supplies of medical equipment, etc...Ad... [More]