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Guulmax Shipping Compnay

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Guulmax Shipping Company (GSC)Guulmax Shipping Company (GSC) was established in 2021 with the mind set to become the market leader as a Feeder service provider. Is a new initiative taken in year 2021 to Develop Feeder service for the Horn of Africa and red sea region to operate between Middle East Horn of Africa and red Sea GSC offer business with excellent quality service complete trust and faith. GSC mission was laid to provide Express Feeder and shipping service to customers whose business was time sensitive and expanding in volume is proud spread its wings in a short time with branches servicing all remote locations. GSC assures that your goods are in safe hands and of timely delivery with the presence of our global network in International market.GSC collaborate with some of the giants in international market for all logistics solution. its worldwide alliance form an extensive transportation network that spans over four corners of the globe. [More]