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expressline logistics france

freighjt forwarder based in France, have the block space ...

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General / Air Freight
EXPRESSLINE LOGISTICS FRANCE is a fully integrated logistics company, caters the business needs in all aspects of GSA and forwarder, including Air Freight, Ocean Freight, Inland Freight, Consolidation, Warehousing, Cargo Insurance, Customs Brokerage, Door to Door and Trading Solutions.Over 7 years EXPRESSLINE LOGISTICS has succeeded to be the perfect partner with a worldwide network coverage. We are committed to provide an outstanding service, through pushing our experience at the heart of everything we do, to guarantee the highest safety, and the most efficient security and quality standards.Our Achievements:Our own charter flight from Madrid(Spain) to Wenzhou(China)DDP to HONGKONG, for 3 tones of id8000, 1170 euros cheaper than the market price;Fastest transit time is 2 days to destination, including pickup time;Respect the AOG deadline without delay;Very active operations service: 24/7;Strong relationship with airlines and partners.Yanli DING [More]