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Advantage Services:
General / Air Freight
Our team has over 10 years of experience in the industry and we have been providing our clients with reliable and efficient logistics solutions Having set its vision as shining out in the international transport
industry with its knowledge and experience, to become a leading
company in its fieldAIR TRANSPORT
We aim at carrying all cargo to important commercial
destinations in the world with great care from the first
moment to delivery to ensure unconditional customer
satisfaction and business efficiency. SEA TRANSPORT
We carry out your transport using standard or dedicated
equipment, depending on your needs. Not only do we
serve at many ports in the world thanks to our large
agency network, but also closely monitor your cargo from
departure to arrival and share this information with you. LAND TRANSPORT
Developing solutions specific to our customers’ needs, we
provide support in warehousing and stock management in
cooperation with our busin... [More]