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Sunniness Logistics Co., Ltd


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Sunniness Logistics Co., Ltd. was established in 2003. We been approved by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Trade in 2006 and has become a qualified freight forwarding company. It is also a non-vessel carrier registered by the Ministry of Communications, NVOCC: MOC-NV 07267.Sunniness Logistics Co., Ltd. is a team of young people pursuing high-efficiency and high-quality services. We follow the trend of the times and are at the forefront of logistics & Internet. We keep making progress, tap the pain points in the industry, boldly start new ideas, new tools, to improve customer service. Standards, to meet the individual needs of the customer's ability, we respect the efficient team building, build a practical, strong execution team!The operator and customer service colleague of Sunniness who faced customer, all experienced professional team with more than 3 years experience in logistics, and 50% more than 8 years; the sales team boldly enabled newcomers to bring the creati... [More]