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ASL Logistics CMB (Pvt) Ltd

Ocean Freight,Air Freight,Road Freight

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General / Ocean Freight General / Air Freight General / Road Transportation
WHAT WE DO AT ASL LOGISTICSASL Logistics is a strategically expanding organization which provides the best logistics services to our clients. The organization offers the best value for money on your logistical needs.Although ASL Logistics started with a humble beginning, and has grown beyond borders outsmarting the giants of the logistics industry in no time and rapidly moving up the ladder within the Asian region.HOW WE BEGUN OUR NETWORK ACROSS SOUTH ASIAN REGIONASL Logistics started its journey in 2014 with its initial establishment in Bangkok, Thailand where it found the opportunity to link and expand its business within the South East Asian and South Asian regions. The establishment made it the perfect opportunity to connect the sea and land silk route which has always been a major transportation route from ancient days and remains so up to date.In 2019, ASL Logistics established its South Asian Headquarters in one of the best business hubs in the region, Colombo, Sri Lanka... [More]