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Ansun Cargo Services(Shenzhen) Co., Ltd

Ocean Freight,Air Freight,Road Transportation,Break Bulk,Customs Clearance

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  • Contact Person: Xing Ji Liang
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Advantage Services:
General / Ocean Freight General / Air Freight General / Road Transportation
Others / Customs Clearance Project / Break Bulk Project / Others
Ansun Cargo Services(Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is an international sea - land - air freight forwarder located in China as a fully bonded and freight forwarder in China with over 15 years of experience combined.We have grown to become a significant force among independent freight forwarders and our goal is to provide competitive shipping and air services from all main Chinese ports to all over the world. We tailor to the needs of our customers while maintaining one of the highest levels of customer service in the industry. At Ansun Cargo we want to make every aspect of shipping your cargo as easy as possible.With our expertise, reliable and cost-effective services can be assured of quality performance at every level. We have our own branch offices and partners located in most main ports including Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Xiamen, Shanghai, Ningbo, Qingdao, Tianjin and so on. Our own overseas agent network is growing to encompass more than fifty countries and two thousand p which include Europe,... [More]