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Shenzhen Win-share Supply Chain Management Co.,Ltd

Strong at FCL, AIR, oversize shpt and Import Customs clearance.

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Advantage Services:
General / Ocean Freight
We can handle goods from China to  other countriesso that we want to take this opportunity to introduce with you our company – Win share Supply Chain and hope we will have opportunity to  cooperation together in the near time. Win share Supply Chain is strong at FCL, AIR, oversize shpt and import Customs clearance. In addition, we provide value-added services such like quality check, sourcing, factory background checking, loading inspection. And we have a good relationship with many carriers in China Market. So that we can offer best rate for shipments  from/to China--- Air lines: + EK, EY,CA, CZ, 3U,TK,W5, SQ, UPS. Shipping Lines: + APL, EMC, HMM, ONE, WHL, SAF, MSK, HDS + COSCO, RCL, KMTC, ZIM, YML, COSCO, OOCL, CMA.With professional staff who always bring the best solutions for our customers at anytime and anywhere. We’re confident to say that our services are efficient, dependable, time saving and the best economical.  Should y... [More]