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Guangzhou YunYo Trading Co.,Ltd

International Freight Forwarder

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GZYUNYO is a Company established in Chinaexperience in forwarding industry with the experiencedone in primary international forwarding companies.More than 35 staff is our strength and provides firstclass services, in both import and export.This service extends to the world market followingmany years providing flexible delivery solutions forsmall and big projects. Our services cover freightforwarding, customs brokerage, warehousing anddistribution.We offer any kind of service in the "supply chain" oflogistics distribution in China.Our mission is your mission: be professional, effective,innovative. We stand on the side of our clients,providing reasonable and economic individualsolutions for them. It is our duty to make our clientsatisfied.Our needs are your needs: improve ourselves, followthe developing trend of logistic industry, renew ourconcept, strengthen innovative procedures, optimizeall resources, apply an advanced system oftechnology, effectively control cost, effect and re... [More]