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guangzhou zhongtian cross border supply chian Co.,ltd

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     Guangzhou Zhongtian Cross-border Supply Chain Co., Ltd. is the forerunner and practitioner of the ’Belt and Road‘, and one of the organizers and initiators of many China-EU trains.Main business: China-EU train container and LCL round-trip transportation and sea, rail and air multimodal transport services from China to Europe, Russia, Asia, Africa and other countries.Provide domestic door-to-station and station-to-station logistics services, as well as fast and safe transportation services and a competitive price system; our Zhongtian Cross-border Supply Chain Co., Ltd. is a diversified company approved by the Ministry of Foreign Trade.After years of development and capital expansion, we have become the strongest and most comprehensive logistics company in South China.     Advantages: First, the belt and Road business, the general agent of China-EU trains, can be sent from Guangzhou, Hunan, Sichuan, and Xi'an stations to Russia, Europe and oth... [More]