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Anhui Ke Yun Express international freight Agency Co. LTD

Import and export transportation of goods

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Tianjin KEYUN EXPRESS INTERNATIonAL FREIGHT AGENCY CO., Ltd. is an international freight forwarding agent approved by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation and a non-vessel carrier (NVOCC) approved by the Ministry of Communications. It is a large-scale freight forwarding enterprise with more than 100 employees, and has set up branches in Ningbo, Nanjing, Anhui, Inner Mongolia and other places. The company provides import and export services to ports around the world. The business involved in the company includes international transportation agent for import and export goods by sea and air, shipping agent, container yard, bonded warehouse, land transportation, door-to-door service, customs declaration and inspection, electronic data exchange technical services. In order to meet the international standards, the company has successively joined CIFA, WCA, CGLN, FIATA and other domestic and international industry associations, and passed the British Standardization Insti... [More]