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The type of cargo that needs to be transported does not represent an obstacle in realizing a transport.

 Liquid Cargo Transport

The type of cargo that needs to be transported does not represent an obstacle in realizing a transport, we adapt our services based on our customer’s cargo specifications.

For liquid or powdery cargo we can offer to our customers, on internal and external routes, tanks or flexi tank equipment according to international standards.

Security standards and environmental protection are essential for us in organizing a transport.

Flexi tank equipment can be used both for transporting non dangerous liquids of any kind: flat water, wine, oil, food additives, glycerin, etc, and bulk cargo: wheat, grains, ores, etc, in containers and trucks with trailers and also for storage of liquids of up to 70000 liters.

For viscous cargo we can equip the containers with simple thermal blankets that can reduce temperature fluctuations during the transport and also with thermal blankets equipped with steam-based heater that can assure an optimal temperature at the time of discharging place of destination.


The services offered in the segment of flexi tank are complete – providing the flexi tank equipment, thermal foil, thermal blanket.

From equipping the container / truck as per requested standards of the producer / insurance company up to discharging assistance.

 The advantages of using flexi tank equipment.

+ Fast loading / discharging + Reduction of cargo loss during discharging
+ Zero cleaning costs of the equipment after utilizing it
+ Lower costs compared to transportation in tanks, drums etc
+ Allows 30% more cargo in a 20′ container, compared to using drums
+ Reducing costs with repositioning wrapping materials after utilization
+ Completely recyclable and environmental friendly
+ Loading in sterile environment
+ Allows loading of foods without contamination
+ Maximized payload due to low weight of the equipment

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