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Grain Terminal

Grain Terminal

(Romana) Situat in zona libera Port Constanta Sud Agigea ofera solutia completa pentru descarcare, depozitare, incarcare, containerizare, insacuire si livrare cereale vrac si paletate.

Maritime Transport

The cargo can be routed for delivery straight from the head office, client home, harbor or any other location.

Road Transport

It is common, at low costs, large range of route possibilities, almost limitless we could say.

Air Transport

We offer Air Freight import and Export Services to all regions of the world!

Bulk Cargo

The type of cargo that needs to be transported does not represent an obstacle in realizing a transport.

Project Cargo

The dynamics of the markets is attracting the necessity of complex services that cannot be realized through common ways.

Rail Transport

If your delivery time is a bit flexible, Intermodal is the smartest alternative.

Door to Door Delivery

We can pick up and deliver to door any kind of cargo using a mix of transport types.

Storage and Distribution

Why pay transportation costs many times when you can use our warehouse as a hub and deliver your cargo directly?

Custom Assistance

We choose to offer services from A to Z necessary for a shipment, no matter what the routes or kind of transportation.

Cargo Insurance

Cargo transportation represents an important engine in world economy and its insurance is vital.

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