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World Cargo Egypt

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World Cargo Egypt is group of companies in Egypt  , the group has several subsidiaries which providing the Egyptian local market with all logistic services

FYI, World Cargo affiliated companies are fully licenced to work as follows :

* Air cargo authorized Agent in all Egyptian airports for consolidation/deconsolidation, clearance....etc (licenced by Ministry of civil aviation & customs authorities)

* sea Cargo agent in all Egyptian ports for sea consolboxes (incoming/outgoing)

*inland hauler for all incoming/outgoing shipmts containerized or over dimension/HZD /Valuable shipmts

* our Warehousing services offering Packaging/depackaging, sorting, assembly/distributing services to all our local customers/overseas agents

Our affilited Group is Member of :

-EIFFA (Egyptian In'l Freight Forwarders Association)


-Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority

-IATA Member 

Forwarder Liability Insurance covering all our services

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