GT NEW VIP Member- Ruishun Teng (Tianjin) International Logistics Co., LTD join as GT China VIP mem

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Note: Dear GT partners.We here to announce thatRuishun Teng (Tianjin) International Logistics Co., LTDjoin as GT ChinaVIP memb

Dear GT partners.

We here to announce that Ruishun Teng (Tianjin) International Logistics Co., LTD join as GT China VIP member .

VIP ID:4009

Ruishun Teng (Tianjin) International Logistics Co., LTD is located in tianjin,china, the main docking the original specified goods and old customers of the development of new and existing customers and international transportation services, the scope of business is air transport import and export, import and export, shipping railway export (central Europe, European railway zheng), international express delivery business, the Hong Kong business, the port of destination import customs clearance and land transportation.

The current business ports are: Beijing airport, Shanghai Pudong Airport, Tianjin New port, Shanghai port and so on. All ports in the country can be shipped. Advantage routes: US - Canada line, Australia, Southeast Asia, Africa. import customs clearance services :(food, wine, return, repair, frozen products, wood, etc.), export customs clearance.

Air import advantage: USA, Germany, Italy, France, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Canada, Australia --BJS&PVG. Air import overseas delivery, booking space, import customs clearance, delivery, etc. Shipping advantage: The United States, Italy, Australia, shipping import - Tianjin xingang port, booking space, import customs clearance, delivery (can do all over the country, except some remote Tibet/Xinjiang/Inner Mongolia and other places). Air exports: Spain, Philippines, Canada, USA.

Business Scope:

import and export by air.

import and export by sea.

Export by railway

China-Hong Kong car transport

International express business.

Should you need any support from China, pls always contact them and told them you are GT VIP to have further cooperation.

Contact Person: Julie


Should you have any problem about GT , I am here to assit.

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