Dalian, ChinaBelarussian railway station Kolyadichi
  • Commodity:
  • Refractory material



Dalian, China

Belarussian railway station Kolyadichi

Releas: 12/04/2023 18:10

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Dalian, China to Belarussian railway station Kolyadichi
Commodity:Refractory material


Hello dear colleagues, our request is the following:

Goods: refractory material HS codes 6902209900, 381600000

Total weight: 8136.41 t

Containers type: 20'DCs (or you may offer caravan/wagon)

We need to collect some part, and send it.  Then collect next part and send it...  till the end of project.  It will not one-time together shipment

Terms: april 2023 - september 2023 (deadline 23/09 arriving to Kolyadichi, or 27/09 arriving to Gomel)

Destination: Belarussian railway station Kolyadichi (or Belarussian railway station Gomel - is it possible)


Sender 1: FOB Dalian, China  - 2065.06 t (e-pallets, up to to 1500 kg, stackable 2 levels)

Sender 2: FOB Qingdao, China - sub-total: 6071.35 t

-5015.64 t (e-pallets, up to to 1500 kg, stackable 2 levels)

-1055.71 t (non-standard pallets, MORE than 1500 kg, NON-stackable)

based on it we are kindly interested in the following:

1) maximum possible loading capacity per TEU/wagon

2) best freight price per each TEU

3) best possible delivery terms

4) to fix the prices for all this cargo traffic volume (is it possible toi discuss?) or fix it for some periods (may be monthly)

5) offer your best payment condition for us please

we will answer any additional questions in the continuation of this topic

Best regards

Eugeny Vecherko



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