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Ballore Group Limited

Customs Agent Services and Transportation services

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General / Road Transportation
about BGL HISTORYBallore African Company (BAC)Limited, a registered company with Incorporation No.118182, is among the best fast growing companies in Tanzania.It is a Company Limited by Shareholders and owned by visionary, committed and patriotic Tanzanians toward overcoming the day to day world challenges, mainly in Tanzania and African.Unemployment, Poverty, and Poor technology, being our last long priorities for coming up with Tanzania  able integrated solutions to these challengs.BAC Limited operates under the Company’s Act Cap 212 R.E 2002 with the Tin No. 127- 510- 970. Its registered headquarter is in Bukoba Municipaliy,Kagera,Tanzania.Started in a humble manner with a small quarrying center at Bukoba Municipality, Kagera Region,  Tanzania, in early 1990s as unregistered communiy I team (group) called IJATULLORE, made of 46 m-beers.Due to unavoidable ups and downs, mainly facilitated by short vision, little skills and knowledge,  poor perception and incompeten... [More]